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Test Drive by CertifiedJesusFreak Test Drive :iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 2 1 Circus Book 4 by CertifiedJesusFreak Circus Book 4 :iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 2 0 Circus Book 3 by CertifiedJesusFreak Circus Book 3 :iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0 Circus Book 2 by CertifiedJesusFreak Circus Book 2 :iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0 Circus Book 1 by CertifiedJesusFreak Circus Book 1 :iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0 Dragon Book by CertifiedJesusFreak Dragon Book :iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 5 0
Iris Sky: Reference Sheet
The Retreat Of The Gods - Character Registration Form
Basic Info
Name: Iris Milwake Sky
Title: Goddess of Rainbows, Third-In-Command of the Retreat.
Gender: Female
Age: 27
DoB: June 4th
Birthplace: Olympus
Current Residence: The Retreat
Language(s) Spoken: English, Greek, bits of Canadian French
Physical Description: 5’5”, powerful arms, pale and freckled, small burns and scars across arms and legs. Ectomorph, round heart-shaped face, naturally slight build, short.
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Bright red
Hairstyle: Shoulder length, usually kept in a ponytail.
Clothing Style: Close fitted but easy to move in. Retreat shirt with sleeves ripped off, cut off shorts or sturdy jeans, goggles, purple converse or work boots.
Voice: Excitable, average pitch, expressive.
Parents/Guardians: Hephaestus and Hecate
Siblings: Rogue, Snake, and other children of Hephaestus and Hecate.
Husband: Ani
Children: Amai (age: 18), Eme
:iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0
An Arm And A Leg
An Arm and a Leg
“Yo! Fitz!”
“Yes, Karin?”
“Is Lawrence near you?”
Fitz turned to look at the Korean-American in question next to her.
“Don’t look to my left.”
The dreadlocked girl’s gaze skipped over to the red haired boy.
Lawrence gave a little wave.
Karin rolled her eyes.
“Whatever. You two doing anything today?”
“Nope. Why?”
“We need two more people for the supply trip. Aleks and Eri were schedules, but-”
“Right. Sure, I’ll go. Lawrence?”
Both girls turned to him. Lawrence raised an eyebrow.
“What do I get?”
“Fitz, you have to get me popcorn.”
“...Fine,” the German girl said with a grin, “Only if you share.”
“Deal. I’ll go. When?”
Karin shook her head. Watching the two of them interact was almost painful, they flirted so much.
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Welcome To Night Vale
Welcome To Night Vale
Kryler switched his phone from being in his hand to being between his cheek and shoulder.
“I’m fine Lovelace,” he told her, giving a few coins to the bus driver, “I’m getting on the bus now. It was a bit late, but that wasn’t a big issue.”
”...Still. I just - I feel bad about this.”
“Everything will be fine. I’ll be back in a week,” he assured her cheerfully, “I’m going out of cell service, but I’ll call you back when I can, alright?”
There was an audible sigh, and he could almost see the blue-haired woman’s shoulders slumping in defeat.
”Alright. Be safe, okay?”
“Of course, Lovelace. You as well.”
”Idiot. Talk to you later.”
“Yes, Lovelace.”
A quiet click, and Kryler ended the call on his end, sliding the phone into his back pocket as he, himself, slid into a seat on the bus.
To be honest
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Three Months
Three Months
Even though the apprentice had only been around for a few months, she had known the Shadow Mistress - sorry, Aayla - for longer than that. And she knew her Sensei. Neither were acting as they usually did.
And the leader, Amy, in moments that she thought no one was watching, her head would drop and her hand would pass over her abdomen absently.
Ayane knew something wasn’t right here. But it was not her place to pry - she was an apprentice, here to learn to pass the Trials, not learn about her Sensei’s private life. Or his wife’s, for that matter. And besides that, she was a house guest. It would be rude.
But over the following months, it only got worse. Aayla would get sick in the mornings frequently, she ate more than usual, and it appeared as though she was gaining weight! Could the Clan’s future Mistress be pregnant again? The Heir’s heir, Saki, was a wonderful child, bright and kind and surprisingly intelligent for a 3 and a
:iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0
Startled by the loud exclamation from his emotionally-distraught wife, Brandon darted back to their room where she was supposed to be taking a nap with the speed only a Collins could manage.
“What? What, is everything okay?” he called out down the hall.
She looked fine, upon entry of the room, but she was as pale as he’d ever seen her, perched on the edge of their bed. Without breaking stride the blue-eyed man was kneeling by her - though he was still almost on eye level with his blonde wife.
“Brandon, we can’t name him Matthew.”
“We can’t name him Matthew! If it’s a him, at least - we couldn’t name her Matthew if we have a gril - who would name their daughter Matthew, though, but no matter what our baby is - Brandon we can’t name them Matthew.”
She looked so frazzled and concerned and serious that Brandon couldn’t help but feel a rush of concern f
:iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0
Shards of Memory - Part 1
Shards of Memory
Part 1
It was just a contract. A normal, two-man contract that would take maybe 3 days…
’Aya, do you believe we could leave Saki and Fang with Amy for a few days?’
“Yeah, probably,” she responded from behind him, “Saki and Brandon are best friends, you know.”
The mute ninja smiled under the mask at the reference to his daughter and her ‘best friend’.
But he still heard his wife moving up behind him, putting her hands on his shoulders lightly, peering over his shoulder.
“New contract?”
’It appears to be. A two person mission, just outside of New Orleans.’
’The very same.’
“Been a while since I’ve been to Louisiana,” she commented, “When?”
’A week from tomorrow, I believe.’
Aayla stood a little straighter to see further down the page and felt her eyebrows go a little
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Many of Arcilla’s new friends were delighted to hear that the pair had started dating.
For a solid week, it was pretty much all they talked about, whether Arcilla was in the room or not. She would just roll her eyes and tell her coworkers to get a life.
Somehow, they hadn’t planned it this way, but somehow, the first week and a half that they were officially dating had the typical ride situation reversed - they only had one car, and usually Flynn would drop her off for work and pick her up after her shift, but their work schedules had worked out so that Arcilla was dropping Flynn off.
This was the first day that she’d been dropped off by her new...boyfriend. That’s what the humans called it, she was pretty sure.
They - selkies, that was - just called them mates. But it was kind of awkward to call Flynn her mate.
Arcilla was clocking out when Flynn got there. Usually she was waiting outside for him, but she’d stayed a little longer
:iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0
In the months after Arcilla decided to stay, they became better friends, and Arcilla was able to go and be in town for longer amounts of time.
She got a job at a local consignment shop, not wanting to be a burden on Flynn, and pitched in on rent and food. Though both of them kept her ‘secret’ under careful lock and key, Arcilla was able to make quiet friends with several of her co-workers, teenagers and young adults, and, of course. Flynn. They were splendid friends now; even though there would be hours at a time that neither of them would make a sound, Flynn reading and Arcilla knitting or something similar, they felt completely at ease with each other.
Everyone asked her if they were dating.
"No!" she'd insist, cheeks flaming red, "We're just friends - I'm just visiting for a little bit."
And, of course, they whispered about why it was necesarry for her to get a job if she was 'just visiting' but no one wanted to push either of them for more information. Bot
:iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0
The last thing Flynn Braden expected to see when he went out for his morning jog was a woman laying on the beach, unconscious and seemingly naked.
First, all he could see was a shape.
Okay, he thought, someone’s sleeping on the beach...probably shouldn’t do that, but he’d slept in weirder places after a night in the pub, so the brown haired man continued jogging.
But as he got closer, he saw that the unconscious figure was actually a young woman, maybe a little older than he was, who appeared to have no clothing on. His face coloured bright red, realizing this, but he sped up, now running towards this unconscious woman. If she was truly out, and truly naked...that could mean nothing good.
So he knelt by the partially covered by this strange leathery thing woman, looking for obvious signs of trauma - there was nothing he could see, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t anything. All Flynn knew was that he wasn’t about to go looking.
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Amai Tempus-Sky: Reference Sheet
The Retreat Of The Gods - Character Registration Form
Basic Info
Name:  Amai Roloia Tempus-Sky
Title: Goddess of Age, 6th in Command of the Retreat
Gender: Female
Age: 18
DoB: November 7th
Birthplace: Ontario, Canada
Current Residence: The Retreat
Language(s) Spoken: Canadian French, English
Physical Description: Under average height, average weight, some curves. Big eyes and long eyelashes, freckles, pale. Wears eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow.
Eye Color: Bright blue
Hair Color: Cherry red
Hairstyle: Chin length, shorter in the back than the front. Short and fluffy.
Clothing Style: 80s style. Camp shirt is oversized, goes over one shoulder. Skirts and sandals, or skinny jeans and boots. She wears a lot of hats and has a nose stud.
Voice: Very inflected, shows a lot of emotion. A little higher than the other women’s, but she’s younger, so.
Parents/Guardians: Iris (mother), Chronos (biological fat
:iconcertifiedjesusfreak:CertifiedJesusFreak 1 0

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CertifiedJesusFreak's Profile Picture
Amanda A.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Picture drawn by LadyInteresting

Ayoo, Amy here. Well, my name is Amanda, but you can call me Amy or Certified. Either one works. I'm a gray-asexual (experiences very little sexual attraction) andromasculine girl - that is, I'm a girl, but I dress like an androgynous boy. Suits and the like. It can be kind of confusing. To make this simple: I'm usually in some degree of a suit. If I'm not, I woke up late that day. Such is.

But enough on that. I'm a reader, writer, artist, feminist, speaker, debater. I love reading. Favorite books would be the Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Night Circus, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, etc...not necessarily in that order, but the Narnia books will always hold a special place in my heart. There's also an unhealthy obsession with bad fanfiction. My Immortal, the Prayer Warriors, I love it all. So much. God bless the Holy United States of God-fearing America. Folk music is taking over my life. Mumford and Sons will destroy me in the end, just you watch. Webseries are super important to me (new media is fascinating!), but especially the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and that influences what and how I write a lot.

By now, most of what I write is either Retreat or Circus. I have a few newer projects, but the Retreat and the Circus are kind of my life, so let's talk about them. Onward!

Ongoing Projects

The Retreat of the Gods is the story of a group of demigods that form out of necessity of punishment; Amy is banished from Olympus to start a training site for illegitimate children of the Gods. After her initial punishment - 2 years - is over, she decides to stay and the Retreat grows from a training facility to a home for wayward children.

The Underground Circus is the story of a group of peculiars that gather out of desire for freedom; after abandoning the Soviet military for fear of being caught as supernatural creatures, Anya and Liev return to the Circus Anya visited as a child. Shortly after, they are given the Circus by the owner. Taking on new names - the Lady Master and the Commander, respectively - they shoulder the Circus and it's oddities.

LadyInteresting and I work on most things together. She helps me with my Retreat, I help her with her Circus - it works.

Tumblr: certifiably-mad (main), apiratewrites (writing), loudandtriumphantqueens (muse).
Pinterest: certifiablymad.
FictionPress: certifiably-mad.
AO3: certifiablymad.
Twitter: certifiably_mad.
8tracks: certifiably-mad.
Hmu for instagram.


Yes, I am reviving this account. Exciting! But I really want to do it over, make it less...2011-y? So I'm wiping it clean, starting a-new, getting a fresh breath of air. I'm not entirely sure what all deviation-wise is going to stay, but most of my more recently (2013 and beyond), is probably pretty good to stay. 

Who am I? My name is Amy, and it's a pleasure to meet you. Others call my Certified, and that's perfectly fine with me. I am a reader, writer, artist, feminist, speaker, debater. Writing is what I want to do with my life, however that may manifest itself, but I love art and I love creating things. Book sculpting is a current fascination of mine, and I hope to get the pictures of those uploaded very soon! Watercolor paintings are my most common media as of right now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Aside from that, I am in speech and debate and adore it from the bottom of my heart. Folk music is taking over my life, though, send help. When I'm not speech-ing or art-ing or author-ing, I'm usually just chillin' with my friends. Long distance relationships, specifically friendships, make up the majority of my relationships at this point, and I will fight you if you throw any amount of shade on them. 

By now, most of my art (visual and written) is original work, though I do dabble in fanfiction on occassion. I'm not delusional; I know most of my followers are here for the fanworks. That's cool, though. I hope one day you check out my original stuff, but you know - you do you. The rest will follow. 

Over and out. 


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